82 Year Old Local Veteran Desperately Needs Your Help! image

82 Year Old Local Veteran Desperately Needs Your Help!

A Tree Went Through His Roof AND He Has No Heat!

$10,777 raised

$7,500 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Update Message 1/3/21:

Thank you all for your generosity and helping our 82 year old senior veteran, Joe! The outpouring of support has been amazing! Kyle and his incredible team of volunteers, along with the contractors, have been busy! Normally, we would update you here, but since Kyle set up the Facebook group "New Egypt Helps Joe" it is easier to communicate and stay up to date with all of the photos and information there. Kyle has been amazing at updating and posting!

We are at almost $9,000 in donations from over 150 donors!!! The best part has been that many individuals and businesses have donated their services, time, and materials leaving our veteran with these funds for other things. No money had to be spent to fix his heat or fill his oil tank! There is also a spreadsheet in the group that will be updated as funds are spent so that you will know where and how the donations were used. 100% of the amount you see in the fundraiser will go to Joe!

If you want to volunteer or donate any services/materials, please either update the Google Sheet or post in the group and Kyle will reach out and respond.

Thank you for changing the life of a senior and veteran! Special thanks to Kyle and Amanda for taking action and coordinating everything!

Happy New Year and let this blessing that all of you have been a part of continue in 2021 for all of you!

Drew, Tim, Heather & the 5Help Team

We just found out from Kyle Nilsen about an 80-year-old veteran who had a tree fall through his house leaving it exposed to wind and rain. He also has no heat and no money to fix it. Kyle just helped get the insurance company to cover the home repair, but the senior veteran needs funds for deductible, heat, and other basic necessities. Can you help? No donation is too small even if it is $5! PLEASE HELP! 100% of your donations are tax-deductible with 100% going to help this veteran!

Due to the outpouring of community support, the goal has been increased to $7,500 to help pay the very high insurance deductible, heat repair, and cover other basic necessities. Let's surpass this new goal!

5Help Foundation is a NJ, USA nonprofit that just received its 501(c)(3). It was founded and is run by teens. 100% goes to helping others because we have no overhead and work for FREE!

If you have any questions, please email contact@5help.org.

Thanks again for your generosity and for being part of 5Help Foundation's mission to help others $5 at a time! A special thank you to Kyle Nilsen for trying to help an elderly veteran in need!

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